- Photo Contest Rules -

Anyone can join our photo contest with a maximum of 2 photos per subject, but remind your photo(s) has (have) to match the subject. If your photo doesn’t match we cannot place it. Every 2 months there will be a new subject. You can even influence the choice of subject of the next contest. Just choose in the poll on our homepage.

Remind that your photo has to be 600 pixels maximum, we prefer JPG. The name of the photo has to be your own name. For example bridgetjones.jpg. and bridgetjones2.jpg for your second photo. This makes it much easier for us to control the contest.

Please send your name, (country,) place of where your picture is taken, and a photo-title (for example ‘mist in our backyard’) with your photo. If you’d like you can give some additional info about your photo, like the make and model of your camera.

We’re looking forward to your contribution for the next contest on !

Some contestants ask others to vote through a MSN-group or another forum. These messages can be traced resulting in a disqualification of the contestant. "May the best photographer win, not the one with most friends...".