Holland Holland, a small name for a small country. The Netherlands have much more to offer than most tourists get to know when they just pay a visit to the capital Amsterdam. Those miss the nice, small villages in the countryside like Zaanse Schans, the islands and other cities.
Europe As we live in Europe ourselves it's easy for us to travel to all the European countries and we are happy about that. We ate gorgeous pizzas in Italy, saw the Eiffel tower in Paris, but also enjoyed the sun in Croatia and visited the beautiful mosques in Istanbul and many many more...
South America We've been to South America in 2006 for the first time. We did a roundtrip through the southern part of Peru and loved the culture in Cusco and the high peaks and colorful people of the Andes in the Colca Canyon and Titicaca region. They were just as interesting as Machu Picchu itself.
Asia Asia: another world for us to discover. We've visited Russia, Mongolia and China on our first trip to this part of the world. Read our travelogues, enjoy the info-pages and don't miss our photos. From November 2007 we're back in Asia again for a longer trip this time.

World Trip

We've been planning a long trip. Check it out!

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